About Us

Our exclusively Hungarian owned Kron Manufacturing Inc., was founded in 2019. Previously, we were operating under GesKor Inc., which dealt with the distribution of machine tools, the complete servicing of these machines and the manufacture of parts. In order to focus exclusively on the production of parts, and the design of our own products as well as those of our partners, in 2019 we have established Kron Manufacturing Ltd.

Our activities are diverse, from the design of components to their production. Our aim is to solely produce high quality products and to expand and continuously improve our own product line.

To achieve this, we place great emphasis on CNC machining and the professional use of CAD and CAM programs. Our precision machine manufacturing plant is capable of producing both one offs, and small, medium, or large serial production. The products we produce and design are used in the mechanical industry, especially in the fields of spring manufacture, tool making, and clamping technology. We are also present on the clamping technology market with our own products.

On request, we are available to our current and future partners with all the various equipment needed for production and technical inspection of the manufactured products, as well as individual design.